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At Brainscape, our goal is to make education fun for children. We provide a range of STEM and robotics toys, as well as technical blocks. Our range is chosen so your children can learn while they play – They can get a grounding in tomorrow’s skills from science to programming.

We are based in Australia, but we ship to over 150 countries. Our fast and cheap shipping guarantee ensures your order is delivered within 8 – 12 days worldwide! By selling direct to you through our online platform, we provide the highest quality educational toys at affordable prices. We also provide a no fuss money back guarantee on all of our products.

Take a journey through our extensive store and browse through our many educational toys. You never know, it might help your kid on their way to becoming the next Einstein! (or at least get them to top of their science class!)

Our knowledgeable staff are on hand 24/7 to help with any questions you might have over what products are right for your child. If you have any queries please send us a message from our contact page.

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Our mission is to spark a joy of learning in your child. Our toys are the perfect mixture of education and entertainment – so your little ones will learn tomorrow’s skills without even realising it!